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Information Technology Technician
Description of Duties
Responsible and accountable for the co-ordination of the the installation, configuration, upgrading, administration, monitoring and maintenance of databases and associated software products, in support of operational systems and the development environment. 1.1. For all products, services and systems (computer, telephone and security cameras) within the area of responsibility, demonstrates, installs configures, upgrades, administers, monitors maintains, commissions and/or supports (as appropriate) end user hardware/software or their routine upgrades, taking cognisance of service level agreement tolerances (SLA’s), by: responding to requests for support, investigating problems and developing remedial plans to resolve problems within acceptable time parameters, escalating problems as appropriate to enhance timeous resolution; installing and supporting the applications, investigating and resolving problems, making modifications, developing workarounds, manipulating data or reconfiguring systems to meet the client/business specifications; providing a problem resolution service for platforms, systems, local/wide area network and computer operations as appropriate, making recommendations or proposals for efficient information sharing/ management; performs hardware/software/systems installations, configurations and tests, scheduling work and liaising with clients and suppliers to ensure satisfaction; undertakes site visits to resolve high impact or persistent problems; providing information on updates, known errors, changes in availability, new facilities etc; following up and providing feedback, guidance and information to clients and service providers. administering systems security to provide a continuous and secure access service to all facilities; assisting in the preparation and maintenance of documentation such as business recovery plans, particularly in the data collection and compilation/production/distribution phases of exercises; investigating and reconciling violation reports and handling inquiries relating to information security, contingency planning and activities of the function, conducting security control reviews (physical and logical access controls) and providing information as appropriate. 2. Services Provides an integrates information management, technology and business support service to clients, in support of agreed IT service levels, by: monitoring, planning and controlling contracts and service level agreements; keeping detailed and clear metrics of deviations from service levels/ contract targets, highlighting these as appropriate, analysing causes using sampling techniques, tools and facilities motivating remedial action and taking action to improve service levels and contract delivery; contributing to the negotiation and feasibility studies for establishment of contracts on behalf of the organisation to the best advantage of the client/business unit. co-ordinating and monitoring actions to meet agreed time and quality targets for the creation, testing and maintenance of information systems recovery plans and identifies issues to be resolved; administers the change management process, minimising the impact of change on co-workers and clients; creating awareness among clients/users of the process and its requirements; assisting with the production of schedules of requests for change (RFCs) for managing changes to the live infrastructure; logging requests for change (RFCs) on the change management database, ensuring accuracy and consistency of data; progressing status of changes with service departments to ensure data is current; contacting clients/users (for whom change management service is provided) to raise queries and provide information to the client/user database. maintains and interrogates the client/user database to produce reports for bodies that review changes, such as change advisory boards (CABs), and for clients and management; promoting the correct use and encourage use of available methods and tools; identifying, verifying (through inspection and/or testing) and labels IS assets and protecting them against misuse, abuse, theft or damage such as contamination by viruses, verifying that secure master copies of software, documentation, data, licenses and agreements for supply, warranty and maintenance are lodged within the CM system; carrying out defined systems backups, restoring data as required and ensures that documentation supporting systems and software is available; contributes to and makes changes as prescribed to standards and ensures distribution and availability; assisting users in defining their needs for new access rights and privileges, and operates and administers logical access controls. Provides an integrates information management, technology and business support service to clients, in support of agreed IT service levels, by: monitoring and controlling the capacity of the systems according to service agreements, monitoring trends and making remedial recommendations as required; assisting in planning and monitoring utilisation and capacity for current and proposed systems, including changes, by performing defined tasks. assisting in investigating, diagnosing and resolving problems as directed; maintaining a good understanding of the disposition and capacity of installed system components and the capacity and performance implications of their interworking; selecting appropriately from available tools and techniques to fulfill requirements to generate accurate information for measuring, estimating, planning and tuning capacity. Provides an integrates information management, technology and business support service to clients, in support of agreed IT service levels, by: maintaining awareness of existing and future service commitments and the configuration designs associated with them. assists in the investigations for section audits, maintaining auditable records and user documentation; collecting and collates records as part of formally conducted and planned audits of information and communications technology applications; examining records as part of specified testing strategies for evidence of compliance with management directives, or the identification of abnormal occurrences; comparing records with expectations arising from the standards governing the work; conducting tests against formal standards and evaluates the results against specified objectives. Administration and reporting Attends to all administrative functions of the position, taking cognisance of the need to create a clear audit trail, by: carrying out and observing all associated administrative and clerical procedures; documenting problems, progress checking, and ensuring all diagnostic information is provided for error resolution and incident analysis. maintaining an accurate log of calls and associated problems for reference; maintaining details, action taken and other relevant information; contributing to the development of procedures standards and contracts. Ensure that Network updates are ran and checked as and when required Do maintenance on the existing outlaid plan on a monthly basis and report to manager Keep record of all logged calls, follow up’s and resolutions performed on a monthly basis and report to manager Keep electronic report updated on a daily basis for Computer Serial numbers, User ID’s, relevant passwords, user specifications and authorisations, purchase date of all equipment / packages, issuing of computer equipment, computer update information, and all other computer related assets and report to manager Company governance principals and confidential obligations Takes cognisance of, adheres to and promotes Corporate Governance and Company policies and procedures relating to health, safety, security and environmental issues. The Employee, unless expressly otherwise agreed with the group, agrees: not to make any use whatsoever of the Confidential Information disclosed under this Agreement except for the purpose (if any) referred to in this Clause; not to reveal any of the Confidential Information to any person whatsoever except for those officers, employees and professional advisors of the business who have a need to know the Confidential Information; to keep all of the Confidential Information strictly secret and confidential; to take such steps as are reasonable to preserve the confidentiality and secrecy of the Confidential Information; not to make copies or duplicates of the Confidential Information except to the extent that it is reasonably necessary to carry out the Employer’s duties. The obligation to maintain confidentiality and not to use the Confidential Information shall remain in effect for an indefinite period. Notwithstanding the obligation to maintain confidentiality shall cease if the Confidential Information enters into the public domain. Housekeeping and Safety Standards Take reasonable care for own health and safety as well as the health and safety of others Attend annual and required medical tests in order to ensure they are declared fit for physical performance Wear the correct PPE in accordance with the company policy and procedures No interference or abuse of any health, safety and environmental welfare equipment. Be actively involved in the OHS System, partake in OHS activities as and when directed Keep work areas clean and free from hazards and risks Ability to understand and follow safety measures Ensure all regulatory requirements, standards, company systems, procedures and policies are met in all actions on company premises. Be actively involved to protect and improve performance of the OHS system, support the OHS system and partake in OHS activities, such as OHS meetings, safety days, training, investigations (where applicable), risk assessments, simulations, job observations, drills and exercises. Provide leadership and direction by helping sub ordinates ensure compliance in all quality, food safety, occupational health and safety and environmental systems, policies and procedures. Maintain and monitor required documentation in accordance to quality, food safety, occupational health and safety and environmental systems, policies and procedure requirements. Addressing and correcting inappropriate behaviours, actions and decisions trough disciplinary action. Access health and safety risks and ensure mitigating controls are in place Ensure and monitor effective maintenance of machinery and equipment Ensure no unsafe work is permitted without the relevant safety work permits obtained Team Work and Actively participate as a member of the team Performing any other task, not specified herein, which from time to time may be assigned by the manager. Self-Development Professional and personal development and continuous learning are necessary to maintain the quality of Itau staff and their continued readiness and ability to contribute effectively to the mission and goals of the business. It is thus expected of all senior staff to actively seek out and engage themselves in such activities, seminars, further learning or any other approved activity to attain this objective. Job Contacts Operational Manager Production Manager Clients Staff Service Providers Warehouse Manager HR Manager Maintenance Manager Sales Manager
Diploma/ Degree in IT OR Related Discipline OR Recognised IT Industry Certification Valid drivers’ license with own reliable transport Professional Experience: 3 years IT operations experience / 6 years proven IT experience Target Driven Effective People Management Skills Customer Driven Planning & Organisation Skills Demonstrates flexibility and able to work within demanding business environment
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Juanita Callis